The Black Lives Matter Lie

If you pay attention you may have noticed hundreds of videos of white BLM suppoters arguing or physically fighting with American blacks who disagree with their tactics.
You may have missed articles and countless videos of black Americans arguing against the myth of white privilege and systemic racism.
Have you witnessed that many of those supporting the Police and painting over the “Black Lives Matter” propaganda painted on the streets have been black citizens.
Excepting the original Minneapolis riots and a few others, this entire violent conflagration has been driven by emotionally overwrought guilty white mental patients and paid for by leftists pandering corporations. It is incumbent on us all to walk away from these companies. Once they lose enough money, they will happily get out of the business of virtue signaling and social engineering.
Our enemy is not individuals but a massive conglomerate of brainwashed, zombified, members of a vast collective of radical liberals whose end goal is the eradication of all that is great about the United States. Liberalism and low information drones that parrot talking points without a bit of common sense or critical thought must be erased from history. We must retake what we’ve allowed to be stolen during 50 plus years of leftist incrementalism. Starting right now.
~ Nick Pensabene

Covid:All Information is Tainted

When this Covid19 pandemic started, I warned you all to turn your backs on conventional information such as the WHO & the CDC.
I also stated that you must find some trusted sources of information outside the Corporate Agenda Driven Media and Politically Motivated Bureaucrats and stick with them unless you find evidence that they have purposely attempted to deceive you.
My Doctors, Scientists and Media choices have served me steadfastly and honestly throughout this otherwise disinformation shit show.
Any loss of life because of the transmission of illness is sad, especially to those close to the person, but destroying the lives of so many, punishing the well and restricting the freemom of millions arbitrarily without real answers is reprehensible.
People are going to get Covid19 and still die, but in no way in totality of numbers that merited our continued hysterical reaction.
Most of those in power, elected officials, corporate media, bureaucrats in government positions and mega corporations have banked on the fact that you could be manipulated abd controlled through fear. Guess what, they were absolutely correct.
Piece it all together, all the pieces are there for you. Don’t try to add what isn’t there, that only serves to obfuscate or muddy the waters. Then, once you see it clearly, get angry, get very very angry.
~ Nick Pensabene

An End To Independence

There will be no overt celebration of independence day this year, instead I will like most people just celebrate the 4th of July, picnic and fireworks day, and lest we forget the unofficial beginning to summer tourism throughout the nation. Don’t worry, this is not an indictment of those who do not understand or care about the meaning of this holiday. I am merely throwing in the towel, you see I can no longer in good conscience celebrate independence day, except in its most simplistic sense. That would be the commemoration of the day our founding fathers declared we would no longer be a colony of England, we would stand as a sovereign nation onto and governed by ourselves. The country has taken a turn away from freedom and its true importance, we no longer value patriotism,strength,honor determination, excellence, perseverance and achievement. We now are only enamored by those things in the most symbolic way, as with a majority of those claiming to love, who actually only enjoy the thought of being in love. We not worship at a new alter, and that would be representative and symbolic sloganism, and emotional activism. Where we falsely believe just because we feel strong emotions regarding a subject we have become crusaders and thereby patriots in our own right. We couldn’t be more wrong, most never even examine that about which they feel strongly, why, because we are afraid. The truth is, “We can’t handle the truth”, it’s not all nicely packaged multi colored and tied neatly with a nice bow. We are merely extensions of our childhood, immature and ill prepared selves. Somehow the thought never crosses our minds that there is more often than not a clear right and wrong and more importantly a illuminated path toward freedom.
I am saddened to be an American but more importantly I am ashamed of my fellow citizens, most but not all and these aforementioned things are merely a scratching. Our borders are over run and many will justify this through lies and emotional reasoning, our congress and media treat illegal aliens as if they are heroes which is tantamount to treason. Our school systems are failing to prepare with real life educational skills. Parents are proudly raising molly coddled, emotionally damaged, spoiled dumbasses who can not cross an intersection without laws and or physical intercedence. We have racial strife like never before as special interest runs uncontrolled and unquestioned with witch hunt after witch hunt, to publicly destroy those that speak unkind or disagree. Yet daily I hear the selfish, cowardly and fearful, asking for more government intrusion on their behalf. Our soldiers continue to die, no not on battlefields of righteous retribution and patriotic intervention, but in foreign lands engaged in policing civil wars that have been raging since the dawn of time. Yet our own borders are laid bare by restrictions of engagement and political chicanery which seek to elevate one party as the party of the downtrodden and common folk. We preach diversity as if it were our reason for greatness, a misleading play on words if there ever was one. We were great because of the diverse range of people that settled here and became unified as Americans not for any other reason, certainly not because we were polarized and segregated.
I am sure many of you are shaking your heads thinking to yourselves is it really that bad, aren’t we the greatest nation on earth? My short answer is yes and no respectfully, we were the world leader in almost all things we are no a morally corrupt, physically damaged and emotionally driven soon to be ex superpower. So you see It’s really very simple, I can’t celebrate our independence, since we are no longer free. Yes I am a patriot, down to my last possible cell, and I will continue my fight until my last breath, should there ever be a revolution I will be standing shoulder to shoulder with my brother and sister patriots defending the constitution. Until then America will continue on like the great titanic moving steadily toward the iceberg of its imminent destruction, while the majority of its citizens party, until the actual destruction leaves all scrambling for a lifeboat, and there will be none. I truly know how Taylor, played by Charlton Heston felt at the end of the great 60’s film “The Planet of the Apes”, when he realizes the half buried Statue of Liberty simply meant his ancestors and descendants managed to destroy themselves and most of the planets population. We must teach about freedom in our schools, unapologetic about our past in the hope that maybe, just maybe all will realize the importance of freedom before it’s too late. Enjoy your family, picnics, fireworks and your perceived freedom. I’ll take this watch.
~ Nick Pensabene

We Sold Our Children’s Future for a Pocket Full of Magic Beans.

We have forsaken our future, simply by the virtue of what we have chosen to teach our children over the last 30 years. We have lied to them, filling their heads with soundbites and symbolism. We have robbed them of acheivement by foisting upon them equality of outcome and by punishing the celebration of winning. We have completely redefined sportsmanship to include that which has no place in the game. We have demanded they be tolerant at the very cost of tolerance, every action has a reaction is price enough to pay. We have feminized our boys and created amoral creatures of our girls, giving them a false sense of their true biological necessities. Parents have spoiled and coddled, allowed selfishness greed and lack of gratitude to flourish, often for some reason of imagine guilt. Our schools prepare these same children for nothing but tests, and have become breeding grounds for social engineering, political correctness, forced diversity and zero tolerance. These empty dictates leave children ill prepared for any of life’s realities. We rob them daily of individuality while at the same time we remove the natural consequence of that individuality. We have confused our future, by reflecting our insecurities, frailties and false expectations onto them, when all we need do is prepare and guide. For thousands of years children have survived, flourished and become great men & women, and yet, we in our finite wisdom, in the age of drug store psychiatry and dime store social architecture think we know better. I have seen the end product of your social programs, and you have failed the only really important part of our existence, passing on to our future generations the ability to be self reliant and to prosper.
~ Nick Pensabene

The failures of the 60’s

There were some very damaging side effects cause by the social reforms of the 60’s and 70’s, the destruction of the American family unit being the most glaring. We have created a dependent and entitled class that have chosen to be coddled from cradle to grave over freedom. The black community has become increasingly hostile with the lessening of racism, demanding more and giving so much less. This is just to name a few. So forgive me if I do not blindly run headlong into your social issue du jour. We must not in our zeal for social reform attempt to label all things as civil rights issues, without first determining the long term socioeconomic effects to our nation.

~ Nick Pensabene #Amf


Your fears do not always reveal themselves as plainly as a shudder at the thought of an eight legged adversary. They are much more insidious then that, the tendrils of which reach deeply into every fiber of your being. They have shaped you, misguided you and threaten to consume you from the inside out. They shape your opinions, beliefs and control you as a subservient slave. Uncovering, understanding and facing them is the only path to being free and whole.
~ Nick Pensabene

Blissful Narcissistic Delusional Ignorance

There is nothing positive about the collective delusions of the ignorant, who willingly trade their foresight, for what is temporary self indulgent bliss. Surely positivity has lost all meaning, when even the least of intelects claim it as a panacea against reality. It has now become the new aged standard for the weak of mind and those that lack imagination and prefer manufactured niceties over life’s real beauty. Neither negativity or positivity for their own sake have any merit but phony self gratification. Choosing either exclusively leaves all parties quite unfulfilled, and defining either is extremely subjective. I as a writer do not rail against all forms of positivity, I do however detest all forced and manufactured emotion and response. I as most of you am an organic creature, as such I feel organically and think objectively, but uniquely than most, I no longer fool myself, and I am not afraid to take up the standard of the unpopular cause. I will not be deterred from my course of observational social commentary, it is my passion and does me no harm because emotionally I am extremely well rounded. There are no repressed emotions in my life and I believe honesty should never be confused with negativity, especially when the purpose of such honesty is the betterment of myself and to spur critical thought in all.
~ Nick Pensabene #Amf

Control Information Control the People.

I had a post that I wanted to write this morning for which I needed a photo of a man slapping a woman. The funny thing is no matter what I type into the Google search as parameters, I’m not getting photos of men slapping women, nothing from movies, and only a dribble from other mediums. My point is why is our information stream being controlled in this manner? If you look at the above photo, where I actually typed in “Men slapping Women”, you yourself can see that the first 10 results are women slapping men. I do not believe this is a coincidental occurrence, it is social engineering and must make you wonder, what other information is being filtered in a politically correct manner. Big Sister and Big Brother are alive and all is not well.
~ Nick Pensabene


The world came down around him with a crushing blow of cold stark reality. This was no minor setback or obstacle, this was one of those life altering events that diminishes the spirit or destroys one’s resolve. How does a mere human come through such adversity, how does one manage to clear away the rubble, brush off the dust and once again join the fight called life. He simply does, and he must, because the alternative is unthinkable.

~Nick Pensabene