I’m just listening to a very new father discuss at length exactly how disgusting and primal the entire birth process was from the dislodging of the mucous plug (water breaking) until the baby is born and clean. Please understand this man was very empathetic with his wife and said he was heartbroken at her pain and confusion. They call it water breaking quite euphemistically, it is not clear and in no possible alternate universe is it drinkable. Childbirth from conception through a short period of postpartum is one of the few things, I will agree that it is almost impossible to understand without experiencing. I guess the whole process no matter how advanced the facilities and how we try dress it up, should be a strong reminder at just how close to nature we will always be, as long as there is natural delivery.  I can assure you, I am glad I have never had to watch my wife go through those changes and that pain both mental and physical, no matter what the payoff. I’m guessing this is why men are one minded sexually, because if we thought about the reality of the process or if we ourselves had to go through it the earth would be far less populated, maybe even empty.