Can those of you, who believe this country has gone so deep into the muck & mire of ignorance, greed and reactionary political action, that it will never again prosper, understand, even if you do not agree with, the actions of a Patriot who resorts to violence & vandalism against the very country in which he lives. Is this line that I described completely uncrossable, should the Patriot always exclusively work the political process. I ask, can there ever be a reason for real revolution, and what would be necessary to spur it? I have looked across the landscape that is the American political dissent and have seen we are overripe for a bloodless sociopolitical revolution. It is during times like these that frustrated men of little or no hope  arise to take action that will strip them of the moniker patriot and instead label them forever as madmen. At what point do good men fighting tyranny justly, become madmen, surely It can not be at the breaking of any laws of the unjust government they so strongly oppose. So I must conclude that this country no longer has the strength of will for either a political revolution or the strength of honor, character and commitment for a violent one. So together with our heads hung shameful we walk to our enslavement.                                                ~ Nick Pensabene