If you are a white employed American of any age you should be afraid, very afraid. The recent systematic destruction of Paula Dean by those in the media that have appointed themselves as the politically correct thought police should have you literally quaking in your boots. Your livelyhood can be can be taken away and your ability to earn your living seriously impeded for words that you are accused of using 30 years ago. You will be judged in the court of public opinion and then crucified on an alter of pandering and appeasement to special interest groups. Why would we as a people sit back and allow such Orwellian behavior, likely because we are afraid to speak out for fear of this kind of political retribution. 
The George Zimmerman self defense trial is another very frightening example of how unproven yet rampant accusations of racism can manipulate even our countries justice system. If there were no racial element to the Zimmerman, Martin incident there would be no trial. This fact alone of being proven guilty by racism or as in the case of O.J. Simpson, exonerated by race are chilling examples of the type of accepted behavior that can bring anyone of us down for daring to disagree or worse yet, simply being a white American. What can we do to change this, for one stop being cowards and secondly stop electing cowards to public office. If this is equality, I stand firmly against it, but it is not, it is retribution, payback for the United States’ Original sin, slavery.