Today, July 4th we commemorate and celebrate our country’s “Declaration of Independence”, from a tyrannical England and it’s overtaxation, control without equal representation and heavy handed rule of law. In essence, today we celebrate freedom, those that originally declared it, those that have fought and died for it and for those in dwindling number who understand and still respect the concept. We were not given this freedom, we simply chose freedom over tyranny, and once that choice was made, the real work began, the job of convincing our oppressors that we were serious and steadfast in our intent. Two hundred and thirty seven years later we as United States citizens, face every day a tyranny unimagined by even our Forefathers, without so much as a whimper. Today freedom is such an abstract concept, as to belong only in a museum or to be thoughtlessly celebrated by the many who have no idea, or frankly, just do not care. Today when you celebrate the birth of this great nation and the men who had the intestinal fortitude to take the necessary actions to ensure its continuance, look not only back, but to our present and future. Those freedoms are diminished every day, and more often than not unnecessarily, and yet we allow it and still call ourselves patrotic Americans. If only being a true patriot was about waving the flag a couple of times a year, or who has the best picnic, potato salad, fireworks or the most alcohol we might still be the freest nation on the planet. Instead we are squanderers of the greatest natural gift bestowed upon us, our freedom. Happy Independence day to all my fellow patriots who understand that there is both a price and a cost for freedom, both of which, we are more than willing to pay. ~ Nick Pensabene