“Agenda 21” (The United Nations) The want you out of your personal vehicles, they want you out of your homes, they want you moving out of the suburbs to centralized work and living areas equipped with massive public transportation. This radical socialist environmentalist agenda believes and pushes as part of the plan living quarters for all people of no more than 850 square feet. In order to create the regionalism they desire, the federal government in tandem with the United Nations will be witholding government services, roads, schools and other infrastructure in hopes to coerce you into moving to one of these giant regionalized city structures. That is how it will start and eventually under “eminent domain” all land will be forfeit. If this sounds far fetched, or horrifies you to your very core. I strongly suggest you google “Agenda 21” or go to Www.Un.org and read it yourself. This post merely covers the tip of the proverbial iceberg. If you haven’t heard of “Agenda 21” I urge you to wake up and take an active role in your freedom, and the future freedom of your children and your children’s children. 
~ Nick Pensabene