During the night while I slept, Justice prevailed in this country. It prevailed over illegal and unwarranted pressure for a trial from a racist black President and his Racist Attorney General Erik Holder, it prevailed over a hand picked Judge and forced politically motivated prosecution, it  prevailed over the self serving hate mongering fools in the black caucus, justice found a way, in this politically and emotionally media fueled frenzy to crucify a man who was merely defending himself from a physical assualt by someone whose motives were unknown to him. That Trayvon was killed is certainly sad, there were parts of this situation were handled badly by both sides, but none glaringly and specifically responsible as a 17 year old young man, who decided to completely take the law in his own hands and attack a man who was observing him. Justice also found a way to prevail over media misinformation directed specifically at the ignorant in order to cause racial polarization. So this morning in the aftermath of a just and legal proceedings, it was decided by some unhappy opportunistic savages to vandalize, burn, and riot in Oakland. I’m hoping it will end there, but so many will hang on to the ignorant misinformation that created this entire legal maelstrom. Remember in the first days of this incident, NBC edited and broadcasted the 911 tapes in such a way to make George Zimmerman to appear racist. The same George Zimmerman that mentored black youth and petitioned on behalf of a black homeless man who was mistreated by the police. This man not likely a racist was painted as one by the media, the President, the Attorney General, black special interest groups and many many whites who are motivated by such silliness as guilt for pass societal misdeeds of which they themselves were not involved. So the question that begs be asked, when will the real racists, the ones who cry racism at every turn, give up their vile, anti-social behavior, every time court judgements don’t go their way, and my answer is simple. When all of society holds every group, especially blacks, to the same and equal standard to which we hold all others. Racism is being kept alive and even allowed to flourish by those who will benifit from it the most. Today we must applaud the jury of six women from Florida who clearly saw through all the smoke to the simple fact, that George Zimmerman killed in self defense. ~ Nick Pensabene