I have a good friend who recently went to a Pampered chef party and was kind enough to buy from the consultant even though she has her own. When trying to get her name removed from this other consultants mailing list, she was met with resistance, ignorance and nastiness. The consultant’s name is Kathy Yellets. Finally lodging a complaint with the corporate office and was told in so many words not much could be done. My friend then decided to go to “Pampered Chef’s” facebook page and post her bad experience with this Kathy Yellets, hoping for an understanding voice. Instead, my friend who has been a customer of “Pampered Chef” was turned in to the facebook police for negative posts and her accout was locked down for 12 hours. She will now never purchase another “Pampered Chef” item and will be asking to be removed from all mailing lists. My friend feels badly about this decision because of all the good people she has encountered through Pampered chef including her wonderful personal consultant. The big picture is what we must look at here, this company allows these people to use their name and therefore they are representatives,  and as such they must be held accountabe for their customer seevice skills and not just the bottom line. Kathy Yellets’ actions were unacceptable in this matter and she not only owes my friend an apology,  but also the “Pampered chef” bran which she has now left with an indelible black mark on its reputation. There are other companies that offer the services that “Pampered chef” does, maybe they care a little more about who they let use their name, and how they deal with customer service.
~ Nick Pensabene 8-2-13