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“The American fairness in immigration act of 2013”

         By Nick Pensabene

Here’s the plan:

First we must completely close the borders for 3 to 5 years. This will give us ample time to address the illegals that are already living in this country beyond their welcome. There needs to be some sort of amnesty program, with conditions of course. Anyone recieving amnesty must have a naturalized citizen as a sponsor, have gainful employment and absolutely no criminal record. They must speak english or seek education to do so.

There will only be very limited exceptions to the closure of our borders and an anonymous panel of congressmen and senators shall make decisions regarding these, no court, no representation,  beyond the necessity for interpretation.

The we need to utilize the power of our I.N.S. putting them to work tracking down any illegals who are not part of any amnesty program, expired visas, (travel, work or education) and these people must be sent home, period.

The final issue now that we have what I like to call, a clean slate, is to restructure our system of immigration.  The new plan should include a mandatory sponsorship, and probationary period of 3 years at the end of which the applicant must have gainful employment, learned english and have zero felonies. Any legal in the 3 year probation period who commits a felony will be deported without ceremony.The duty of the sponsor is to help keep the persons they are vouching for headed in the right direction both legally and socio economically.  During this 3 year probation the applicant will have no access to any public assistance unless they are paying their share of the tax burden. We should also allow only a certain amount of immigrants per year, they will be easier to monitor which will ease our ability to maintain control. After this is in affect, every single law that grants illegals any rights in the US. beside the basic humanitarian rights all humans should be granted must be repealed. Furthermore all illegals from this point forward must be processed and returned to their place of origin in the least expensive manner possible. If any illegal commits a violent crime and is found guilty they will be subject to execution, or deportation. Imprisonment on US. soil constitutes a cost to the American people and will not be tolerated. I hope I left nothing out, our country’s immigration plan must be laid out to further our greatness, not undermine it. Please feel free to comment.