Who has more power in the United States than the minorities and their special interest groups, when an adult male can utter one word, and his world is turned upside down. The modern face of government sanctioned rasism is a black one, that hides behind the mask of victimhood, which is no less vile than the hooded white sheets of old. These lynchings, while not inflicting physical death are no less horrific in their outcome, often robbing a person of their spirit and ability to earn a living. These groups backed by their politically motivated masters are not seeking equality or fairness any longer, they desire dominance and power of an entire race of people. Sound familiar, it should, it is the new slavery of the 21st century and whether you know it or not, it will get around to you because no white person or infant born this very day is free of America’s original sin of slavery. Why wait till they pull an email or posting of yours, why let them misconstrue your words meanings and more importantly why allow the sociopolitical crucifixion of others while you whistle feigning innocence in the background. Stand up and defend the Riley Coopers, Paula Deens, Don Imuses, Jimmy the Greeks, Howard Cosells and Michael Richards, whether or not you like, or agree with what they say. It must be clear to all who manufacture and weild their offense like a political weapon, that the first amendment protects our words, and nowhere in the Constitution does it or should it ever protect anyone from being offended. ~ Nick Pensabene


Riley Cooper, Racism, Black Power, The “N” word.