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This is the Barrett .50 sniper rifle, it is very popular amongst gun enthusiasts, because of its impeccable ratings, reliability and military applications. It’s main purpose is to be an uncompromising protector of freedom by killing enemies from a great distance, it is effective at 2000 yds, although claims have been made by military snipers of up to 7900 ft. There are many of you out there who find it hard to understand the mindset of those who would want such a weapon, there are two perspectives and they are often intertwined.  The one is sporting distance shooting for marksmanship purposes and the second and most important one is as a deterrent against a government that may one day overstep its constitutional boundaries and grossly restrict our freedoms. It is for this reason alone that beyond a mandatory instant background check any restrictions on firearms is counterproductive to freedom. Take for example registration, active registration hands over the knowledge of the whereabouts of every single weapon to the government from which we may on day have to possibly protect ourselves. This is why true 2nd amendments proponents can not support it. If you think of gun ownership in those terms you maybe will you begin to understand the real meaning and social imperative behind the second ammendment. In essence it is not only your right, but your civic duty to be not only the first line of defense in the event of invasion, but as an ever reminder to our leaders that we are the ones in charge and only by our grace do they create laws and govern over us. Many 2nd amendment detractors often say, what does it matter, how can we hope to stand against the number one military worldwide?  I say to them, have you no honor, do you not realize if only half of all Americans were gun owners we could keep any government at bay, because their ultimate goal wouldn’t be wholesale slaughter, as that would make no sense. What they or any other civilized takeover’s main goal would be to do it without disruption to the economy or real damage to the infrastructure. The only way to accomplish such is through incremental restrictions of our freedom, like gun control and registration. I would just like to leave those of you whom I believe are on both the wrong side of the second amendment and freedom issue with this word of advice, I will not demand you do what is clearly you civic duty of gun ownership and self protection and you keep your nose out of my natural right to a reasonable and unfettered ability to self defense. Americans should respect the government of this great land, but we cannot turn a deaf ear nor a blind eye to fact that it will forever be our responsibility to keep it in check. We do not awaken every day hoping for the necessity that we the freedom fighting patriots need mobilize,  but we will never allow ourselves to be unprepared.  ~ Nick Pensabene

“Knowledge is power, truth is freedom”