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We are all aware that our government is gearing up for some sort of action against the nation of Syria, for using biological weapons against their own people, killing the elderly, men, women and children while they slept. There is much evidence that these are the very same biological weapons that Saddam Hussein reportedly moved to Syria before the Bush wars. There are some important questions that must be asked before we as a people support that which on the surface appears a humanitarian issue. This country has been without any real foreign policy for over five years now, and this President’s administration has been all but lame in its world diplomacy, having no solid plan for our interactions with the middle east, even going so far as thumbing our nose at our great allies the Isrealis. Benghazi is fresh in the memories of many well read and politically current Americans and answers must still be forthcoming why three Americans were allowed to die in a country where the C.I.A. were purportedly supplying arms to anti government rebels and while the support necessary to save those three lives were within range to do so.
The media is also responsible for trying to whip Americans up into an unnecessary emotional frenzie, by interviewing children in Syria not only demanding our involvement but using words that effectively are shaming our President into action. Do not fall for such theatrics and misdirection. If you keep up with the leading news on this coming action you have already learned that we have no real plan or vision of attack, dominance,  victory and exit strategy, I’ve actually heard that we have no plans to overthrow the current regime. That brings forth the most important question, if the current Syrian government is responsible for such heinous atrocities against their own people why not remove them, and if we are not sure, why get involved. The middle east is a hotbed of never ending civil war, religious zealotry and barbaric behavior towards its own people with little exception. This administration has promised to end our involvement in such police actions without purpose and to return all troops home, in fact they ran two elections on such platforms. Until we the American people are clearly made aware of the end purpose of such military action, in what way we plan to achieve such a goal and have a guarantee of exit strategy, this administration should do nothing. Have we not learned by such political police actions as Korea, Iraq and who can forget the ongoing quagmire that is the Afghanistan action.
It is way past time that these countries grow up and police themselves and crush their own despots. There is no reason one American life should be put in harms way without a clear cut objective and as of yet I have seen one. Good men are morally obligated step up and erradicate evil where ever it rears its ugly head, but no man or woman can ever be expected to throw away their life, without a clearly defined enemy. The objective of these wars is so vague and abstractly drawn because of our own government’s smokey back room dealings with both the regimes and the rebels and it is for this simple reason we should stay at home. Do not feel guilty that we should not get involved, but own the guilt that it is our nations foreign policy and questionable two sided dealings with these countries that often cause the very conflicts we then sacrifice American lives to rectify. If you choose to consider conquering morally objectionable, keep your people home, because as the lame duck United Nations troops have taught us, war cannot be a moral enterprise and it is the purpose of war, to kill, destroy property, conquer and replace. Do not send troops or our American war machine to Syria Mr President, it is your diplomatic failure that has brought us here, and blockades and sanctions will do the job much more effectively.


~ Nick Pensabene