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I want congress voting on whether or not we should take action in Syria, and of course I believe we should not at this time for a host of reasons, but to watch the so called news outlets and to hear them speak of the necessity of our actions as if this is a Holocaust level incident is embarrassing.  There is no way that the security of the free world is at stake, and thousands not millions are being gassed.  Typical of meglamaniacal fools, President Obama believes that saving his face is more important than our country’s national security, this is proven in his speech and Q&A in Stockholm Sweden, where he not only tried to spread around the responsibility for his arbitrary line in the sand to the entire country, congress & the free world. Then while being thrown softball questions by a sycophantic traveling press core including a greasy looking fat broad from the Bloomberg network who beamed at the President like she was eating her first cupcake, he continued to downplay the veracity of the Bush administration’s assertions that weapons of mass destruction were moved from Iraq to Syria years ago. This President, his administration, the hypocritical doves in Congress and the deaf, dumb and blind lemmings that brought him to power,take no responsibility, have no shame and are held accountable for nothing. If this resolution of limited war is passed by our congress, you and I both had best dare to hope it is an act of conscience and not party politics. Three Americans died in BenGhazi due to the criminal negligence of the State department led by an arrogantly incompetent Hillary Clinton. In my opinion, harsh or not not our three Americans who honored our country with their service and death,are worth any number of lives of those who time and time again have proven our enemy. At the very least America deserves an independent investigator and bipartisan hearings on the where, whys, hows and whats of what led up to and caused the BenGhazi massacre and the proceeding coverup, before we spend another cent defending or supporting Syrian rebels, the Syrian people or  begin any short term or protracted action in that country. I urge you all to e-mail, write or call your prospective congressional representative and let them know in no uncertain terms, no war in Syria for any reason, and demand an immediate independent investigation into the BenGhazi massacre. ~ Nick Pensabene