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Today is the 12th anniversary of the attack on the United States by extremist muslims on 9-11-01. Many of us will never forget that day, as we lived in the shadow of the World trade center’s twin towers, others experienced it in a much more personal way. Let us also not forget the attack on the Pentagon or Flight 93 that never even got close to its target and was brought down in a field near Stonycreek, Pa, when the crew and passengers heroically tried to retake the doomed airliner. Our country was attacked, it was a call to to war by Muslim  jihadists which changed much of America forever. It wasn’t enough though, to ensure that all Americans would never forget, 6 short years later, the people forgot enough to elect a President with a Muslim name, history and quite possibly judging by his actions, Muslim sympathies. That very President Barack Hussein Obama, is now asking us to engage our support in a civil war in Syria, and the same AlQaeda muslim extremists who, one year ago to this very day were responsible for an attack on our embassy in Benghazi during which 4 Americans were murdered. We have been stonewalled by this administration,  they have been quite flippant about the necessity for an independent bipartisan investigation. Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Eric Holder and Susan Rice are all implicit in this cover up and must answer for their part. They now unanimously agree there is a need for us to come to the aid of Al Qaeda rebels in Syria, yet it is Al Qaeda who was soley responsible for the 9-11 attacks. My point is, sure it is great to shout never forget rooftops, wave the flag and inundate social media with post after post, but haven’t most already forgotten. It would surely appear so, especially in light of the fact that we now have the government we asked for, and that government has for many years now been acting in a such a way that it appears as if they have forgotten.
We must force our leaders to adopt a “Never forget” attitude, and be sure that it shows it in our foreign policy.
Can we now take the time to stand together as Americans and remember the victims of the 9-11 attacks, and all their families and friends whom the waves and finally the ripples touched that day. We must remember those who acted heroically in any capacity,  fireman, police, emt’s and any other first responders who put it on the line that day, many of whom never made it home to families that day and never will again. There are those on flight 93 who fought directly with the terrorists and managed to sacrifice their lives in order to bring down that aircraft well away from its intended target. Lest not forget the service animals who had their noses right in the rubble at ground zero looking for survivors and recovering the dead.  We should also remember all those who came from every corner of the country to offer their trade and skills to the digging out effort and the thousand upon thousands who donated water and supplies unceasingly that this monumental undertaking might continue. Finally to our leaders especially President Bush and Rudolph Giuliani for their tireless efforts in instilling confidence and hope wherever it was needed.
Remembrance means different things to each of us, quite introspection, waving the flag, remembering where we were that day, posting pictures and for me writing a little piece every 9-11 to help not only myself, but others remember. So forget not the horrors of that day, nor let yourself ever forget those responsible and those who through their inaction condone and support such heinous acts. We remain ever vigilant, many through their actions may have already forgotten, but I for one, and many of you will never forget.
  ~ Nick Pensabene.