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Knee jerk reactionary pussies like Piers Morgan, Henry Wilnkler, Gov. Cuomo, Gov Christie and the like need to stop their cowardly bullshit rhetoric and explain how more gun bans or restrictions will alleviate gun violence, when both the Times Square New York and DC. shootings both took place in heavily gun controlled cities.
The DC shooter apparently disarmed a guard, killed him and took his weapons. Arming himself heavily for his spree. The New York shooter had a long history of dangerous incidents, yet managed to slip through the cracks. What we do know, is both of these animals had one thing in common, a history of either mental illness and/or anti social behavior and have had run ins with the authorities. When it comes to health in general & mental health specifically, Americans should be afforded a certian amount of privacy. However, when a persons actions have been deemed criminally dangerous and/or anti social, making them both a threat to themselves and others, the buck must most certainly stop there and societal action must be taken. There is a growing mental and emotional illness problem in America, and unfortunately there are many who believe coddling those afflicted is the answer, I say not so, when someone has proven to be both a danger to themselves and others. These mentally ill people cannot be trusted to take their prescription meds and in some cases it is these meds that are causing this anti social behavior, violence and suicidal thoughts. So what do we as a society do, It’s hard to say, but we need to reform the way we look at violent mental illness. What we do not need is rhetoric from knee jerk reactionaries in government,  media and on the streets about banning guns, restricting guns or ammo or further infringing on our 2nd Amendment rights, when time and time again the most heavily gun restricted areas have turned out the most gun violence and mayhem. So I challenge any of you who think stricter gun laws will change incidents such as this, to go back and read these two most recent stories slowly and still draw a logical conclusion that more gun control is the answer, if you still conclude thusly, it is you that might be in need of psychological guidance. 

~ Nick Pensabene