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This latest act of cowardice an appeasement, back pay for
800, 000 furloughed government workers, is proof positive our current form of government no longer works. Now don’t get me wrong, I have several friends who are victims of this shutdown, and I have empathy for their uncomfortable situation, but for congress to authorize pay for people who are not working is anathema to the true spirit of this shutdown. No one on a public payroll should ever be paid for not working, it is a inefficient use of our tax resources.Why not just put them back to work now, if you are going to pay them anyway. It just defies logical explanations, except that maybe that those in power aren’t as committed to the shut down politically as they are publicly. The best way to set things right is to put each and budgetary item before the congress and either they fund it or cut spending and then fund it. These men and women should be sequestered at the Capitol building in DC. until all budgetary spending is settled.
We can no longer allow the growth of this burgeoning aristocracy, these public servants can no longer be trusted to serve the public interest. There is a solution to this problem.  The 28th amendment proposal that has been floating around facebook and email for a few years must be looked at more seriously by all of us folks, including our congress members. The amendment simply states, “Congress shall pass no law from which it exempts itself”, nothing could be clearer. The elected leaders are brazenly thwarting what is in the best interest of this great Constitutional Republic, in order to pander to an ever growing segment of Americans who need a nanny government to take care of them from cradle to grave. So as a follow up to the much needed 28th amendment I propose the following.  Term limits, no more career politicians ever. Lobbying restructuring, this will end the power brokering. Lastly, Campaign finance reform, to ensure we all have equal access to our government. This is the beginning there is much more to follow. Change must not be only a slogan, it must be real and positive, not for special interest groups or big corporations, but what is best for the continuance of our great nation. 
  ~ Nick Pensabene