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The NFL may have launched a public relations campaign when they got together with the “Susan G. Komen” foundation to help bring awareness about breast cancer and it’s early detection. The NFL may be marketing themselves in a way to be more woman friendly, with their advertizing and female friendly halftime show, but the NFL and America has a dirty little secret that should concern not only women but all of us. Human trafficking is at an all time high during “the Super bowl”, this does not only include simple prostitution and pimping, but rings of organized criminals that fly slave women in from all over the country and world to perform as many as 100 sex acts a day during the Super Bowl week festivities. These acts of prostitution often include as many as 300-400 arrests for underage prostitution. Let me make this clear, I am not against prostitution when it is a transaction between a man and a woman, but when women are forced or coerced to service a seemingly endless line of men to profit criminals and human traffickers, something must be done by the the authorities and the National Football League to put an end to it. So ladies when you are cheering support for your favorite team wearing pink, or planning you family friendly big game party, keep in mind that for years the NFL has turned a blind eye to the annual spike in “Human trafficking” that is “Super Bowl week”.  ~ Nick Pensabene