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Bob Costas must subscribe to the belief that a tool with platform is not a tool. Au contraire Bob, you are a jester at the very least and most likely a single celled brainless amoeba. Your assertion that the Redskins team name is a slur, is just without base. Independent ubiased polls show that most native Americans are not offended by the moniker “Redskins”, but why would that matter to you


as you push you ridiculous agenda forward without respect for facts or information. Even if their are those who are offended, so be it, let them exercise their right to tune it out, turn it off, or walk away. There is no right “to not be offended”, there cannot be, it is far too subjective. Like for instance, I for one am offended by the brazen vapid idiocy that is Bob Costas, should he be procluded from continuing his career, no, thankfully I can turn him off. This man and most of the media bring new heights to both pretentiousness and hypocrisy.  I’m sure since the Redskins organization is showing no sign of caving to their demands, they will soon stop calling them by their name and simply call the the Washington “R-words”. We are becoming a nation of spineless pandering pussies, of whom Bob Costas is one.  
     ~ Nick Pensabene