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Let me preface this by saying, I love teachers, they truly have an important job and I personally know many extremely dedicated educators that are friends and family. They are in fact one of the most self congratulatory groups I have ever experienced. Every post or article I read goes on extolling the virtues of all teachers as a group. This is just not true, as there are many teachers who are just riding the broken system for prosperity and have lost their desire to rise above or fight the system that is failing both our children and society. This group circle the wagon mentality is one of the major downfalls to our education process, this and the politicizing of it by the self serving and overly corrupt teacher’s unions.
There are Zero tolerance rules in place that are just stifling independent thought, and cause fear and resentment within the ranks of teachers children and parents, but that is not enough to foment change.The education system has been being used for the purposes of social engineering for far too many years, when it should be teaching free and independent thinking for all members within that system. We need to stop pandering to the litigious nature of the people in this country, or appeasing the minority,we should be creating a higher standard for all, not lowering or altering them to meet the needs of those who cannot keep up. Every child deserves an education befitting their aptitude, and with some adjustments to the system they all can rise to the highest level of personal achievement. We are being left far behind by many countries whose wealth does not remotely compare to ours. Through a plan that includes the arts,trade and vocation training, professional business training and even ROTC training for thosed destined for the military. No child should be enrolling in entitlement programs, living on the streets, committing crimes, selling drugs or their bodies to get by, there is a place in this economy for everyone,  willingness to succed and achieve is paramount. Any persons not enrolled and maintaining average grades must serve 3 years in one of our nations military branches, where aptitude will be defined and utilized to meet each persons potential.
There are many ways in which the education system is broken and the fingers of blame point in every single direction. Teachers are not being blamed nor are they unappreciated or under appreciated, they are part of a machine that is breaking down, and as much as they try to separate themselves from it, they cannot. In that capacity they must be willing to take their portion of the blame. I’m sure many of you have stories of great and seemingly altruistic teachers or administrators, but that information albeit very nice, serves no purpose but to stall the necessary changes that must be made. Do not so foolish as to defensively react to articles like mine, only half read and less comprehended, keeping your minds and eyes closed to the truth which does no one any good and will be sure to lead to a worsening school system. Where we go from here with regards to how badly we are failing our future generations is entirely up to us all.
~ Nick Pensabene