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By Nick Pensabene

Happy Thanksgiving, those words are mighty powerful, and yet mean many different things to a host of people. Giving thanks is esoteric in nature since it’s definition dependent on each person or group celebrating it. What we must consider here is the deeper meaning of unadulterated gratitude and appreciation that comes from within and not just the daily slogan of thank you, which often loses its meaning through enless repetition.
I am grateful for my mere existence, and that of my loved ones, family and all of you. I am thankful for the simple ability to enjoy all the wondrous things in the world, like the sunrises, sunsets and all that makes up this beautiful earth. I have gratitude for all things because I understand truly what it is like to have nothing, and even during those times of struggle I appreciated those meager things I did have. We should all give thanks every day we are alive and able to share a momentary kind words with those we love, but today more than ever we should take part in this unified spiritual giving of thanks, because with many voices of appreciation speaking as one we can help each other brave life’s most horrendous turmoil.
It isn’t about the origins of this holiday, because there are always to be spoilers who claim this to be a tainted holiday of of greed and murder. Don’t you believe it for one second, because Thanksgiving isn’t about a story, whether true or false, It’s about this moment in time and the thanks we all give and why.
Happy Thanksgiving friends, may you find peace and love this day and all others.