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I celebrate Christmas, and I abhor those that claim it’s both offensive and in violation of the separation of Church & State to allow public celebration or representation of Christian holidays. This sentiment of anti Christian behavior has developed amongst those who simply have no faith, full blown militant Atheists and legal interpreters alike. This isn’t a search for equality of treatment or parity in the eyes of the state, it reverberates of retribution for America’s foundation of Christianity.
That being said, I have noticed what appears to be quite the militant push back from those who celebrate Christmas, many of whom claim to be devout Catholics and good Christians, and I am very dismayed by the wording of this movement. It is no longer, keep Christ in Christmas or we celebrate Christmas so we say Merry Christmas, it’s now such vitriol as I hope I offend you all with my Merry Christmas, I don’t care what you celebrate, it’s Merry Christmas not happy holidays idiot and my latest favorite, I’ll Merry Christmas the shit out of you, if you don’t like it. Can you Christians really be proud of this behavior

, is this the type of behavior what you would like to be associated with one of your most holy days. You denegrate your own holiday with such crass proclamations and in the end you will not win the war you sincerely believe is being waged on your faith. So if you choose to say Merry Christmas, say it with the love, cheer and spirit of the season or really why say it at all.
~ Nick Pensabene