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The main problem with the Phil Robertson vs. A&E issue is that it is really not a constitutional freedom of speech issue, but it certainly is a free speech issue. These free market corporations are so afraid of the threats and extortion by the radical special interest groups that claim representation and leadership of any who cry victimhood or disenfranchisement from the rest of society.

The only way to end this is to maintain consistency with regards to all speech, Including that which we find most repugnant. We can allow no taboos or restricted speech, to do so may protect the feelings of some, but it does nothing to promote our continuance as a free people. When faced with these corporations, their cowardly execs,high priced lawyers, and knee jerk pandering reactions in response to the manufactured outrage of a few, the answer is boycott. We must take the time out of our busy lives to make phone calls, write letters and emails, making them aware of our intentions, if folks like Phil Robertson and countless other Americans are persecuted for their opinions. A show of commitment and a wielding of righteous power to show them we mean business. The necessity to protect all speech and expression regardless of how it makes us feel is one of the most important duties that we as Americans must shoulder, for if we do not, all freedoms will surely be lost.
~ Nick Pensabene