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New Year’s eve and a 2014 are looming on the horizon, and as you know all talk is about reflection, resolutions and renewal. I learned a very long time ago, this is what we wordsmiths call sentimental hooey, if you need to set a date to reflect or to become a better or healthier you, likely you will be committing yourself to failure. It is a day like every other, different only as we use it to record our history as people, unless you consciously and with conviction make it otherwise. Any moment in time the year round is the best time for introspection and right now is the best time to set goals, not 12 or 24 hours from now after you’ve had one more go at that which you want to leave behind. This kind of thinking is wrong on so many levels, and it does not teach the full lesson to be learned by the rewards of sacrifice. So celebrate the New Year, ring it in with good friends and family, look forward to making it a better year than its predecessor in every way within your power.

Do not make resolutions lightly however, because each time you do, and do not follow through you ultimately reinforce an accepted attitude of failure, making it harder and harder to ever succeed. So when you decide to change your life, amending your ways for the better, do so instantaneously before the thought can reach your lips to utter.
Happy New Year My Family and Friends, may 2014 rise up and meet or exceed all your positive expectations. It is your to choose, do so wisely. 
~ Nick Pensabene