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Heather Elvis is missing, that is for sure, and there is a growing grass roots movement on Facebook and in the media with likes of Nancy Grace to bring attention to her plight.
What you’re not hearing or reading unless you are digging deeply into this story is Heather Elvis did everything in her power to contribute to her situation.

Now just hold on a minute before you react in an emotional manner, no one is insinuating that this very stupid young lady deserves death or whatever fate that has befallen her. Heather Elvis was in a relationship with a married man,(Sidney Moorer)  with whom she was captured on “Tilted Kilt”(The theme bar/restaurant where she worked) surveillance video having sex. Even after being assaulted by the wife (Tammy Moorer) one night after work, Heather was not deterred from her course of bad choices.
You would think being the recipient of a contracted beating by two women during which she received a black eye, would send a message that she was headed for disaster, unfortunately it did not.
This case should be one of particular interest and worry to parents everywhere. Your children and especially your girls need to learn the reality, that they are not invincible or impervious to society’s evils, and that their behavior can lead them into a hornet’s nest that might just cause their end. We would all hope for Heather’s safe return to her family, at the very least for their sake, because I am sure their guilt and grief will consume them should this not be the case. There are many different theories about what happened, although a murder of passion and cover up is the bet I would feel best about placing. I would sure like to see Heather’s murderers, (Yes I think she’s dead) brought to justice, because to murder a human being without just cause is wrong. The police investigation should continue as any other, but beyond that, I believe the Heather Elvis’ story will go down in the history of American tragedy as a classic example of contributory personal destruction. If you want to put your effort into helping to find the missing, there are thousands annually who disappear without a trace, many of whom are plainly and completely innocent and deserving of your time and empathy much more than Heather Elvis.