What deters an Evil madman with a gun,is the prospect of being stopped before he can complete his heinous deed. In the last few months we have heard lot about further restrictions on firearms, and the moral duty of Americans to do something to get guns off the street. We agree with getting illegal guns off the street, along with the scum that use them in the commission of a violent crime. However,I do believe in the wake of these tragedies, to scrutinize legal gun ownership, when every detail of this act was illegal and violently criminal. We must reexamine all the “gun free zones” in our nation, asking the important question why would we allow such an empty gesture which wrongly creates an impression of safety & security where none exists. We must also consider the proof, that in our nation oppressive gun control  does not work, and the statistics bear that out. We must open legal gun ownership to all who are not felonious criminals or mentally ill, and teach responsible and safe gun ownership. The politics of gun control and bans has created a nation that prefers the appearance of security & safety from a cavalry that through no fault of their own, often arrives too late. Police work in most cases begins after the crime. It is our responsibility to protect ourselves, loved ones and community, and yet the true patriots are often the first to be attacked and minimized as nothing more than “gun nuts”.
 The cowards, sheep and pandering political hacks, have weakened our country, they have had their chance with oppressive gun control, meaningless bans and gun free zones. It has not worked, the time for fear and sacrificial lambs begins with criminals toting guns, it must end with the those same criminals knowing they will be met with equal, swift and deadly force, before the get to carry out their heinous deeds. There will be no media glory or remembrance for them, only a jail cell or better yet an unmarked grave.                         ~ Nick Pensabene