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One of the biggest problems we have faced as a people over the last 40 years is that our citizens do not know the difference between duty to themselves, family, gender or race and the all important duty to our country and society. We have far too many who do not know where to draw the line between selfish parental thought and civic minded necessity.  There are also too many who believe whatever special interest group they belong too should be first and foremost in their thought. If you need to put even your faith over the best interest of our nation, you are living in the wrong nation. Surely there is room to practice your faith within the laws of man. You have fractured, balkanized and separated our country’s people for many many self centered reasons. In order to restore the balance necessary to reign in control of this juggernaut of misdirection that is the United States of America, it is time you put your country & constitution first. 
~ Nick Pensabene