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I find it very interesting that many Christians are up in arms about the goings on at the Elevation Church in Charlotte,  NC.. Many are concerned about what they are calling a cult of emotional manipulation. What is ironically funny about that thought, is most Christian offshoots of Catholicism can easily be considered a cult, and Catholicism is cult like by the standards of Judaism and doesn’t all religion engage in emotional manipulation. Who’s to decide what is a cult and what is not, is it decided by numbers counted in the rolls of the accepted religious dogmas of the day? I don’t think so because to those of us who do not subscribe to any of your religions, they are all cults or at the least guilty of cultist behavior.
Pastor Steven Furtick of the Elevation Church is, in my opinion a  carny and a charlatan who is using his staged gimmick of spontaneous baptisms for personal gain, power, money, a lavish lifestyle and ultimately a god – like control over those in his flock. If the teachings of this church remain true to much of Christianity’s doctrines it can do no harm. We do need to keep a close eye on this specific church because of its extraordinary growth, and make sure the flock is not getting fleeced , as for the claims of brainwashing, is not all religious belief a form of brainwashing, faith regardless of proof or logical reason. I can say this, Pastor Steven, a 2 million dollar home for a supposed man of God is a bit much. Remember this Sir, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” If you do turn out to be a Con man or charlatan, it is not the imagined wrath of God that should worry you, but the vengeance of man.