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An open letter to the Black Community

My point is a simple one, I don’t give a crap about black disenfranchisement,  I could care less about your whining about being watched while in stores or hoodie profiling. The next time you speak of white privilege, I will spit right in your eye, and as far as your false cries about the boogie man of racism who lurks around every corner, I’m calling for a cease and desist. The black community is and will continue to be responsible for this kind of behavior because of their continued resentment and hatred towards the white man. Don’t utter a word about those who use or have used the word “Nigger”, stop using extortion to have people lose their livelihood,  for saying “Nappy Headed Hoes” or  other things you find offensive.  I no longer care about you or your phony offense and since you choose to only identified as a member of a group, I will treat you as such, until you put aside these empty distractions and work on your community. These I know have been strong words, but such is necessary when desperate times call for them. This savagery displayed by 50 animals in Detroit is far too common and there are far too many who make excuse for such. Where is the black president on this is issue, I call him this cause surely he takes advantage of his racial makeup when it is positive. These savage Beasts in Detroit beat a white man nearly to death for an accident and we’re so concerned about the welfare of the young black boy hit by the pick up, they found the time to rob the man’s cell phone wallet and other things out of his pick up during their “civil disobedience”, everyone involved in this beat I no should be put to death. I recommend you get your house in order, because many of us will no longer stand for your bullshit or the government enforced double standard. ~ Nick Pensabene

#Racism #Hatecrime #Detroit #BlackonWhiteCrime