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Charles Barkley is making headlines, he is being asked to make an apology for humorous remarks he made during a broadcast. These requests are coming from “Fat groups”, yes they  exist, you would think these bulbous lumps of whale blubber take up extra space on their own, now they have to congregate in groups, sweeping across the political landscape like the blob. The National association for the Acceptance of fat people and the Obesity Action Coalition, (Action Coalition,really, the action these people need to take is a walk) are are among the groups demanding his apology. No way should Barkley apologize,  in fact no one should ever apologize to any group. Groups do not have the right to claim representation for the totality of any people. If you are a fatty and you are offended, deal with it, maybe take it as a hint it’s time to get your life together. You are a victim of no one but your bad choices, and please don’t sell me that bullshit about it being a medical condition,because I’m not buying. Anyone can lose weight, put down that cheeseburger and get off your ass, take a walk, every single day.
Sorry, I digress, If you belong to any group that demands apologies on your behalf you are being devalued so that they might achieve their sociopolitical agenda. Be an individual,  and remember fat is neither healthy or attractive,  and anyone that says so, is a flippin’ asshat. Have a great day, I wish you success in all you do.