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My opinions regarding War and the conditions surrounding it have changed a great deal over the years, the culmination of which I’m about to put to pen in celebration of this Memorial Day 2014. Over the course of our nation’s history,  countless men have given their lives for causes both necessary and patriotic,  women too have paid the ultimate price, but in far lesser numbers. However, in the last half century,  our country’s battles have become increasingly less patriotic, necessary or just, we have been sending soldiers to die in foreign countries to, spread democracy, police foreign business interests and/or to satisfy political pressure here in the States. This practice must end. We would be much better off bringing our considerable political,  diplomatic and economic pressure to bear on these offending and wayward nations who ignore human rights and/or sovereign borders. Yet for some reason we keep sending our troops to hostile nations and their possible deaths for no good reasons. We have the technology to protect our sovereign soil and even support our allies with minimum use of ground troops. So why not use these methods instead, the simple answer is since we have no business occupying any other nation unless we are attacked or  Americans are in imminent danger, soldiers can be sent to these nations under orders not to retaliate or engage the enemy except under the most extreme circumstances, thus turning our nation’s protectors into fodder for attacks,  terrorism and murder. We then bring these emotionally, mentally and physically injured men and women home to an ungrateful system and substandard care, where suicide is the choice of so many. This is the true price of war, do we really want to pay this price, I for one believe it is unnecessary.    We celebrate this Memorial Day the memories of all those who have given their lives in service to our Nation and its ideals. My question to all of you, including the government and media, wouldn’t it be better to celebrate this day next year with no new unnecessary deaths added to the thousands who have already given all for what amounts to nothing in this new age of police actions and politically correct war. Recall all our troops, bring our soldiers home to protect our borders and defend our nation’s soil. One more dead American troop on foreign soil, trying to export democracy is one too many. Have a safe and thoughtful Memorial day.

~ Nick Pensabene