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They United States Patent office has revoked the Washington Redskins logo patent. In an effort to force them to change their name and logo. Plain and simple this is abuse of Government power in every sense of the word.  In our quest to eliminate religious morality in this country, we have now moved on to the religion of pandering to politically correct and the manufactured offense crowd. It really shouldn’t matter to the U.S. patent office if something offends some, do they not serve the interests of all Americans, including those like myself who love the logo. You have noticed I have not brought up American Indians, it is because they are not the ones offended by  the logo, there
are those that presume to speak for the totality of the Indian nation. They do not have the best interest of anyone in mind, they merely use the issue   as a method to wrest power and control from others. I’ll say this again and again, you can not legislate or legally act against offense, because it’s far too subjective. It always brings us back to the same question. Where does this end? We have seen where so many of the issues have lead us in the past, including those begun with the greatest intent. All abuse of power is evil and must be shut down wherever we may find it.
Meanwhile in the land of the emotionally driven fools on the left we have the boneheads at Msnbc a news network, many would disagree, refusing to use the word “Redskins” and even going as far as warning the few viewers it has if the word is going to be used in a video or audio clip. This appears to be the height of pseudo intellectual arrogance, but even that is a compliment when discussing that crowd. In answer to such stupidity,  those on social media are suggesting a logo change to a red Potato, as a jab at those that will be forced to choke on the name as they say it. Either way, I’m supporting the Redskins and which them luck in their upcoming litigation and appeal. This one deserves much attention folks as the government and their agencies both federal and local continue to run roughshod on our freedom and we just smile and say, “thank you sir may I have another”.
~ Nick Pensabene