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There is no greater waste of money in America in the year 2014, than the ridiculously exorbitant prices people pay for college. I truly believe it is in this country’s best interest to revamp our education system from the bottom up. It doesn’t need lots of money thrown at it, but through the practical application of common sense we can compete and maybe even close down these rip off private institutions of higher learning. We are being lied to and ripped off, companies that demand a college diploma are seperate themselves from a vast market of potential skilled employees. It is simple laziness and a dysfunctional inability to properly interview prospects. There are a few professional careers that demand college for obvious reasons,  such as engineering, medicine, law and sciences, but far too many are becoming indebted way over their head too early in life and can never dig themselves out. There are better options for this nation and it’s future, explore them seriously before you commit. ~ Nick Pensabene