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How can we trust the same Government, which is merely an instrument of the people’s will, that took the well intentioned and just civil rights movement, including both blacks and women, and managed to legislate it to the mess we have today. The black community and our family unit suffer excruciatingly at the hands of special interest groups and those that seek to hold them back in order to use them as pawns in a much larger sociopolitical game of chess. Women have not become equal, they have merely chosen to become and flaunt all the less flattering qualities that are generally attributed to man. The black community could be equal but instead choose a life of servitude to their hatred, self appointed leaders, and suspicion of all who are not their color. This solidifies my claim that from every good there will be evil fallout arising in it’s wake, however in the instance of the civil rights movement, it was a virtual tsunami of ill effects and a mountain of bad legislation year after year that bring us to these times. Where words are a distraction and people are socially pressured not only to agree but to loudly proclaim that agreement under threat of loss of livelihood and ostracization by our new masters of the blindly emotional thinking political correct movement. You may ask and this is to what end, my simple answer is, enslavement for all, to ideals that no longer value achievement,  personal responsibility and honor, but instead hold symbolic emotionally charged blather as if it were substantial, measurable and positive.  Where we go from here is the choice of each and every one of us who knowingly or without forethought pull the strings on the giant out of control government that manages to mismanage all it touches. Freedom and equality is not given nor legislated,  it is fought for, won and maintained, it also allows no room for retribution,  because enslaving another to your values whether good or bad is still in the very end, slavery. 
~ Nick Pensabene