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There is no reason that any business operating within the United States, should be able to circumvent our laws. Religious Freedom is a personal freedom which cannot be passed on to businesses or their owners. Suppose I founded a religion that chooses not to pay taxes, because we believe it to be an offense to our god. The Government makes laws that are to protect the civil rights of the citizenry not business, one of the biggest mistakes we’ve ever made as a nation was corporate law and how it created a living entity where there was none, this lead to Wall street and unfettered greed, but sadly that is another story. I am not in any way a fan of Obamacare and believe it to be unconstitutional despite the findings of the Supreme court. This brings me to the second and blatantly more important part to this story. This Government,  our government,  by the people for the people is well outside it’s operating authority, when it has begun and continues to mandate private business and its employee compensation packages. Hobby Lobby should be lobbying against the law on constitutional grounds and not under the guise of religious freedom.
Those of you incensed at my statements on the grounds,  I would respectfully tell you to mark my words this ruling will come back to haunt you on levels unimagined.
~ Nick Pensabene