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There will be no overt celebration of  independence day this year, instead I will like most people just celebrate the 4th of July, picnic and fireworks day, and lest we forget the unofficial beginning to summer tourism throughout the nation. Don’t worry, this is not an indictment of those who do not understand or care about the meaning of this holiday. I am merely throwing in the towel, you see I can no longer in good conscience celebrate independence day, except in its most simplistic sense. That would be the commemoration of the day our founding fathers declared we would no longer be a colony of England,  we would stand as a sovereign nation onto and governed by ourselves. The country has taken a turn away from freedom and its true importance, we no longer value patriotism,strength,honor determination, excellence, perseverance and achievement. We now are only enamored by those things in the most symbolic way, as with a majority of those claiming to love, who actually only enjoy the thought of being in love. We not worship at a new alter, and that would be representative and symbolic sloganism, and emotional activism. Where we falsely believe just because we feel strong emotions regarding a subject we have become crusaders and thereby patriots in our own right. We couldn’t be more wrong, most never even examine that about which they feel strongly, why, because we are afraid. The truth is, “We can’t handle the truth”, it’s not all nicely packaged multi colored and tied neatly with a nice bow. We are merely extensions of our childhood, immature and ill prepared selves. Somehow the thought never crosses our minds that there is more often than not a clear right and wrong and more importantly a illuminated path toward freedom.
  I am saddened to be an American but more importantly I am ashamed of my fellow citizens, most but not all and   these aforementioned things are merely a scratching. Our borders are over run and many will justify this through lies and emotional reasoning, our President treats illegal aliens as if they were hero’s which is constitutional treason. Our school systems are failing to prepare with real life educational skills. Parents are proudly raising molly coddled, emotionally damaged, spoiled dumbasses who can not cross an intersection without laws and or physical intercedence. We have racial strife like never before as special interest runs uncontrolled and unquestioned with witch hunt after witch hunt, to publicly destroy those that speak unkind or disagree. We have no foreign policy, our justice system can be rigged by media influence or Presidential lip biting. Yet daily I hear the selfish, cowardly and fearful, asking for more government intrusion on their behalf. Our soldiers continue to die, no not on battlefields of righteous retribution and patriotic intervention,  but in foreign lands engaged in policing civil wars that have been raging since the dawn of time. Yet our own borders are laid bare by restrictions of engagement and political chicanery which seek to elevate one party as the party of the downtrodden and common folk. We preach diversity as if it were our reason for greatness, a misleading play on words if there ever was one. We were great because of the diverse range of people that settled here and became unified as Americans not for any other reason, certainly not because we were polarized and segregated.
  I am sure many of you are shaking your heads thinking to yourselves is it really that bad, aren’t we the greatest nation on earth? My short answer is yes and no respectfully, we were the world leader in almost all things we are no a morally corrupt, physically damaged and emotionally driven soon to be ex superpower. So you see It’s really very simple, I can’t celebrate our independence, since we are no longer free. Yes I am a patriot, down to my last possible cell, and I will continue my fight until my last breath, should there ever be a revolution I will be standing shoulder to shoulder with my brother and sister patriots defending the constitution. Until then America will continue on like the great titanic moving steadily toward the iceberg of its imminent destruction, while the majority of its citizens party, until the actual destruction leaves all scrambling for a lifeboat, and there will be none. I truly know how Taylor, played by Charlton Heston felt at the end of the great 60’s film “The Planet of the Apes”, when he realizes the half buried Statue of Liberty simply meant his ancestors and descendants managed to destroy themselves and most of the planets population. “Damn them, damn them all to hell”.


We must teach about freedom in our schools, unapologetic about our past in the hope that maybe, just maybe all will realize the importance of freedom before it’s too late. Enjoy your family, picnics, fireworks and your perceived freedom. I’ll take this watch.
~ Nick Pensabene