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“Freedom of speech is Dead”
The cowardly corporate maggots at  SiriusXm have terminated Anthony Cumia, of the Opie & Anthony show for a situation and comments that did not even take place on  their airwaves, the incident was not illegal nor were there any official complaints lodged. The oddest thing about this story is Anthony works on an uncensored XL (extreme language)  channel on their satellite platform. Most Americans couldn’t care less about the freedom of speech of those they do not like or with whom the disagree.Why should I care, I’m sure many of you are thinking, he’s a vulgar misogynist and racist, he deserves his fate, well time to care, before it’s too late. ou see the O&A show may be alot of things, many negative and yet so many positive, like the fact that unwittingly the 3 hosts Anthony, Greg “Opie” Hughes,  and the comedian Jim Norton, present and represent all sides to every story. I’m going to make this clear, that should not even be necessary, but it is nice. So why is this the death of free speech? Anthony Cumia has been an outspoken proponent of everyone’s freedom to their