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If we live within our comfort zone, chances are we are cheating or fooling ourselves. It is always easy to dream of happiness, success and love, and yet, be doing nothing to bring ourselves closer to these desires. In fact within the safety of our zone we are often without knowing it doing the very opposite of what is needed to realize these dreams. There is room for little else here, it is quite crowded with our fear, selfishness, immediate gratification and self delusion. We romanticize that which we desire, especially love, bemoaning that we deserve better and it is out of our grasp, yet it is right there on the edge of the horizon, just beyond the place where we imprison ourselves.The bindings and doors that keep us here have no knots or keys, but our own fears and the inability to see ourselves as we are, flawed and unwillingness to embrace the flaws of the world around us. So we mustn’t mourn that which we do not have or haven’t achieved, chances are we have not taken the necessary steps beyond the place we find most comforting to find them and if we do not, we never will.
   ~ Nick Pensabene