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“The damage of divorce”


What has done more to damage the American family and create emotionally damaged young adults than our laissez-faire attitude towards divorce. After all it is nothong more than the legal and systematic destruction of a family. Many of those with children who have divorced or who condone divorce would clamour against disturbing a birds nest or befouling the natural habitat of many a mammal. 
Do not misinterpret the meaning of my words, divorce, even where children are present is sometimes necessary, just not at the staggering rates as we have today.
There are times of spousal and/or child abuse, real physical or emotional abuse, when the victim spouse must leave as duty would dictate, despite what tripe you have been fed by enabling psych professionals. Either pack your bags, grab the children and leave, or you yourself become responsible for your own fate.
We as a society have not only
accepted familial divorce, we have created lies surrounding it, things like, children of divorce are much better off,  than living in a home without love or one filled with vitriol. These justifications are merely created in order to make us feel better about our own failures to for the sake of the family unit and the lives we’ve created to act in a civil and adult like manner. I have personally heard the words, “My children have turned out fine” many times and can only wonder, what an odd statement. Many child victims of sexual assault turn out fine also, but do we not do all in our power to shelter them from this possibility. 
I do not seek to indict those who have divorced,  that is history now and the damage is either done or not. What I can say to those same people is you owe it to your children to unite in your divorce as was never apparently possible during your marriage. You can never replace the broken family, but can do your best to properly raise your children.
If you are without children or not yet married, I ask you to seriously consider the responsibilities you must face before leaving the world of me and entering the land of us. Take no such duty lightly,  because all our futures depend on it.
   ~ Nick Pensabene