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Please stop clamoring for Presidential impeachment,  since it has happened in the recent past and yet somehow, that President was never prosecuted. First i would like to say, did not your friends, family, and co-workers elect him, twice, is it not they you should desire to purge. Do you seek to create a martyr, godlike out of a man who has all but failed abysmally as a leader of all people. He instead only leads those that serve his purpose. History is a fickle mistress and with the largest portion of a sycophantic media in his corner, the best you could hope for is embarrassment.  The other world powers and every other nation on the planet with few exceptions would label us racists, should we remove the first black President from office, with or without cause. The man will never answer or be held accountable for any injustice he has perpetrated on our great country and its constitution.  The civil unrest would be the likes of which this country has never witnessed before, think about it, at the mere mention of disagreement, you are labeled a hate filled racist. The inner cities would burn, thousands would die, it would fall just short of a civil war, only there could be no winner.
I do not like President Obama, there have been only a small handful of things he has done during his Presidency with which I agree. I believe he has sullied the white house by virtue of those he chooses to surround himself with and or defend. I believe he has failed, but I do not believe him the worst President ever, there are a few much worse. He set out to do what he believes those that voted for him wanted him to, he even backtracked like many before him. What most Americans and even President Obama does not understand is, that his legacy will tell one tale, the story of the failures of “Affirmative Action”, surely by now we must realize he was elected for his skin color and the rejection of old white men. We cannot and should not remove him from office, but we should not allow anyone to forget those failures come 2016, when a large percentage of Americans are already saying, “how great it will be to have the first woman President”, such ignorance knows limits. What we need is not a first or diversity, what we need is a qualified leader who loves this country and never apologizes for it. ~ Nick Pensabene