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Why we must do whatever we can to help the Iraqi people against Isis, because it was our conquering of that sovereign nation and the resulting execution of Sadam Hussei, that created a vacuum of power that unfortunately in that region must be filled by a strong and unwavering Government and people. Iraq most certainly should be left to its devices, but sadly, for that it is far too late. There are Christians worldwide clamoring that the United States must do something, and the Pope is calling for military action. I guess many of these fools didn’t care too much for the other atrocities against non Christians. To them, I say, as they are always quick to say, God has a plan, pray for your fellows it is now in his hands. As for the rest of us, a strong and decisive military action is necessary. Our spineless pandering politicians on both sides of the aisle must learn that there are times you must be in favor of unpopular options, such as true war, but war without a plan has ruled the day of late and that must end here and now. There will be death and destruction, but maximized on the enemies side, means it will be minimized on ours. We fight for the greater good, and should take a page from our Brothers and Sisters in Isreal, take no shit from anyone. Remembering that War without a plan benefits none.
~ Nick Pensabene