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We are creating zombies and monsters with our current rate of drugging our children, lazy parenting, an ancient approach to the sciences of the mind and a one size fits all approach to education are the biggest causes.
Thinking about putting your child on drugs, as a parent you have an obligation to question any diagnosis or classification that can pigeonhole or stigmatize your child for the rest of their life. Pharmaceutical mind altering drugs are not the answer, they are more often than not, a band-aid on an arterial laceration. Sometimes they are far more life threatening than that, creating zombies, psychotics, suicidal and even homicidal monsters. In our effort to create a better life for them and us, are we unwittingly destroying any possible future at normalcy for our children? Make no mistake by normal, I do not mean in comparison to our first children or the children of others, and I certainly am not speaking to the standards set by our Government controlled education system. Normal with regards to our mental and psychological well being, should be considered, the state we were born, without the consideration of genetic abnormalities or pre natal damage due to trauma or drug abuse.
All children are unique to a large extent and must be brought up, educated and handled as such, there is a need to revamp our educational efforts, and work on focusing our process of classification instead as we have in the past broadening them. (For example A.D.H.D. and Autism)
We need to work on making life much more bearable for the children who for over 30 years now have been diagnosed as different and drugged beyond recognition into acceptable beings.
Our children are most certainly the future, and if we continue to use them as experimental lab rats, we willingly create an unstable future. They cannot be the focal point of social engineering or temporarily politically correct behavior, children must be allowed to behave as children, and the rest must be handled with good strong parenting and an education system designed to work with an enhance the abilities of each child.
Vocational schools, aptitude tests and proper placement path counseling are key. Parents in multi child households should realize all children are not the same and there are many factors that play a role in how we see them, our age being one of them, so learning how to put our children first in a real, productive and intelligent way is the key, and to acheive that our pride
and egos must be checked at the door. Drugs are certainly option for some, but should truly be the last option for all.
~Nick Pensabene