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Are you a good Parent, I dont mean in the way most parents think, I am speaking of in the deepest sense of your duty as a parent. Are you the Parent of a future self sufficient member of society a leader, or at the very least not a future lemming that will mindlessly dash themselves on the rocks of servitude and conformity. The majority of our children between the ages of 14 and 28 are woefully unprepared for the world they must lead.
Read the paper, watch or listen to the news, look around you every day, can there be any question as to why the number one most important issue we face today is how our children are being raised.  Do they have a sense of both appreciation and gratitude, are they courteous and respectful, have you instilled in them an important sense of honor and duty? Which of your detrimental behaviors or mindsets have you passed on to them, your prejudices, biases or hatred? How about physical fitness, are you a lazy couch potato who is raising a fat lazy couch potato of a child, do you think this is acceptable? Do you push them to acheive, and teach them the importance of such out of pride or to help them be the best that they can be? You cannot any more live vicariously through your child than to completely give up on them. How consistent of a disciplinarian are you, do you let them know that although they may disappoint you, you will love and support them whenever and wherever possible? Do you spoil, or do you ignore, do you make excuses for bad behavior because of how in the end it may reflect shoddy parenting? Are you a coddler or do you use your child to push forward a social agenda by using them in experimental ways that make you feel in control? Although it’s an important start, just showing up is not enough, it is your duty to raise is an independent thinking and able bodied future generation. I’d like to believe that no one thinks parenting is easy, although I am sure the majority take their duty far too lightly, but the fact is, not one problem we face today cannot be solved a prepared, intelligent and hard working next and future generations. Life can and will throw us many curves when it comes to the little people in our homes, and nothing is guaranteed,  but with a little common sense and a great deal of care, we can win the future, one child at a time.
~ Nick Pensabene