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President Obama is poised to ask Congress for more taxpayer money to battle the Ebola crisis in Africa, and rightly so I might add. My question is, why isn’t he doing enough to protect the American citizens? Imagine the he and the Democrats trotting out experts to claim, banning air travel could possibly make things worse, yet backing that up with no medical facts. Whilst this political posturing, hackers and campaigning continues, the dire forecast from both the national CDC and international WHO is predicting almost 2 million infected worldwide by January 2015, a mere 3 months away. Why are the left so insistent on not protecting the American people, is there chicanery of some sort in the works? Either way we need to get rid of all the lazy politicians, but especially democrats this coming election day. No incumbents in November, let’s give a new Congress a chance to put Americans first. ~ Nick Pensabene