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I mentioned today on a friends Facebook post that “The ball has been in the black man’s court for thirty years”, with regards to the necessary important step in racial harmony in the United States. I was met with indignant horror by one person, saying that such a statement is the stupidest thing she ever read on the Internet. In reality how far off the mark am I, id say the facts show a bullseye. The black community has over the years proven that they will do nothing to curb the generational teachings of distrust towards the white man,  there is also a strong perpetuation of disrespect and disregard for officers of the law, none of which has had any institutionalized foundation for many years. They have squandered opportunity after opportunity to rise from the smouldering ashes of an vastly racist America to meet their full personal potential as a community within America. Instead they have chosen to align themselve with a new liberal slave master who promises them more equality, and instead destroys their spirit as a proud people. What exactly is the meaning of more equality, I’ll tell you, there is no such definition.  It is a hollow golden idol full of lies. Am I saying racism doesn’t exist, of course not, there will be small pockets of racism always. Prejudice and bigotry more than actual racism, but that shouldn’t stop all progress towards racial harmony from one side. It would be simply ludicrous for the majority of a race to stop all socioeconomic progress while awaiting the complete end of something that will never end. The group mentality must end, the obvious special treatment from the federal government must end, and the constant cries of victimhood must finally be laid to rest. There is much work to do within their cummunity which will keep them busy for years. We must all better ourselves constantly, but as I originally stated for a group perpetuate such distrust and hatred generationally means no social progress and that leads to behavior like burning, looting and rioting, to blame others for failures that lie squarely on their own shoulders. Wake up black America,  you are being lied to and used, a pawn to keep racial tensions high, we are equal under the eyes of the law, nothing else matters.
~ Nick Pensabene