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While I can understand the ebullience of the black community at the advent of the first black President, their actions, the actions of the radical liberals and the inflammatory racial actions of our President and his administration shall not be forgotten. He shall be remembered as the most racially polarizing President in history, and those in the black community who see his tenure in office as an excuse for uncivilized and undeniably racist actions, have set racial harmony back 50 years. I will not entertain one claim of racial inequality coming from the left for many a year without a jaundiced eye. So put away your signs, stop your chants and slogans and grow up. It is time you stop hiding behind manufactured unjustified outrage and do what’s right for your people as Americans. I for one will not abide your petulant ignorance any longer, I will fight your racism on all battlefields and will not be silenced. I am ashamed that you, the racist, haters who riot, burn,  loot and excuse your uncivilized actions in the name of civil rights, can call yourselves American. Those of you who quietly condone these actions with your strategic silence are as guilty as those in the streets who are physically expressing their hatred of the American way.
~ Nick Pensabene