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To be aware of the good in others is good for morale, but serves no purpose beyond that, to immerse yourself in the like, leaves you woefully unprepared for all that is evil. You cannot battle an enemy with kindness, you can not conquer evil with logic.  In order to defeat evil, man must be willing to appear evil. hammering brute force of justice often includes actions that for those of weaker constitutions may appear  in itself evil. It is not, we must always have men who willingly traverse the fires and depths of hell to seek out its demons. These men will look true evil in the eye and unflinchingly do what others cannot and will not, often sacrificing mind, body and soul. It is unconscionable to allow those worthless bureaucratic cogs in a broken machine question the Valor of these most necessary actions. Condemning the actions of these true patriots is by far the most bitter betrayal of all and will not e’er be forgotten.
  ~ NickPensabene