Opinions, everyone has them, in and of  themselves they are really not dangerous, but when they are born of emotion without reason, including fear, love, jealousy, hatred or selfishness they become a clear and present danger to freedom. We can never shy away from our duty to point out what we believe to be a bad or ill thought out opinion. Surely there are many who would tell you all opinions are valid and we should never judge the opinions of another, they too are wrong and say such out of the fear that they themselves might at sometime be judged. There are some issues that are only a matter of opinion, these are not the hills on which we should choose to die, but we should stand up strong and refute any and all specious opinions nipping them in the bud before they spread like a wildfire of ignorance. This may not make you popular, but it will give you an indescribable sense of peace, that my friends is priceless.
       ~ Nick Pensabene