This week my family suffered a tragic loss, my Niece Heidi’s husband Mike was killed in a work related accident. This was a special young man, an MMA fighter, Husband and hero to their three boys, and gratefully looking forward to a coming fourth child. He came from a close loving family and because of that he grew strong and sensitive. He had a heart of gold, and a personality to match. Most importantly he loved Heidi fiercely and she him. He was a throwback and at the same time a man of contemporary thought. He enjoyed life and his flame was extinguished far too early, and those who knew and loved him will suffer his passing forever. I will remember our heated but respectful conversation on theology, politics and the social condition. I didn’t spend alot of time with Mike being on the road road and away from my New Jersey family. What I remember clearly and most fondly is how his boys, my great nephews, Nicholas, Luke and Michael Angelo looked at him with admiration, love and respect, one of the trust measures of a man. I am heartbroken for my Niece and the boys, and really hope in my heart that they may find some peace in the memories that together as a family they created. R.I.P. Mike Alfaro, I am so proud to have known you and call you nephew.