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I just cannot in good conscience support “Black History month”, it is and was a failed attempt at appeasement. There is much rich and worthwhile history marking countless contributions by the American black community, the problem is, many black families don’t teach thes.e accomplishments or celebrate the great men and women of African heritage. Instead they perpetuate racism and hatred through their actions and reactions togum their fellow Americans who are not of color. Equality in America in the twenty first century should have long since ended all government sponsored programs to stroke a certain disenfranchised portion of Americans who through their own choice refuse to move forward, politically, socially and attitudenally. Freedom and equality must start with a releasing of the past, not forgetting but a moving forward away from, race and it’s use as a battering ram to reap them over representative power amongst their fellow citizens. Easier said then done, but equality and it’s benefits are worth it. You are not truly equal, till you yourself stop calling to attention how different you are and need to be treated.
  ~ Nick Pensabene