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Hillary Rodham Clinton has zero qualifications to be the next President of the United States of America. Merely having had sex with a President, has enabled her to carpetbag her way to becoming a Senator from the state of New York.  Which she parlayed into an appointment as the Secretary of State under the administration with the worst foreign policy records in modern history. A political activist since her late teens, Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of the most dangerous liberals in the beltway. She is expecting to be coronated as the Democrat candidate for 2016 Presidential election, and then move on to an easy win over the chaotic republican field. She hopes to achieve this with the help of the affirmative action vote that elected our current failure of a President Barack Obama. Women who believe their connection to sisterhood and wish to see a female President will come out in support, without once ever thinking about what’s best for this nation. Hillary has a long history of believing that the law applies only to the little people and she and those of her ilk know much better what is in our best interest, than we do. She like Obama will do everything in her power to subvert the constitution, wresting power and freedoms from we the people and making herself and her power base even stronger. A Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidency will leave this nation a barren wasteland of political correctness and liberal regulations. We have already lost much of our standing around the world economically, socially and politically, we can not afford another moment of destructive and ignorant liberal policy. Say no to Hillary Rodham Clinton here and now, and we can do that by prosecuting her for the cover ups and scandals, including Benghazi and Email gate. Behind bars where she belongs she is a danger to no one, and should stay there for a very very long time.
~ Nick Pensabene